Spring is springing. The sun is finally shining, the cherry and apple trees budding out in a crazy glory of petals and scents, the lovely light green spreading out on the trees. I love this time of year, and I clip a few budding apple branches and hang them with the Easter ornaments that my mom gave me when my daughters were young.

I open the window and gaze out at the lush lawn which has started to grow at an alarming rate. My daughter calls me to come look at the four baby bunnies that our dog found in a hollow by the side of the house the other day. She carefully peels back the door of moss and rabbit fur. The tiny white stripes on their noses and delicate ears fill us with the longing to pick them up and stroke their tiny features, but knowing that their mother will abandon them if we do this, we just watch them for half a minute then cover them up again.

Spring. New life. New hope. The golden days of summer just ahead. This is the time of year to feel our own sap rising, our own heart beating to the thrum of the beat of life with a capital L. Life.

It is all about us. What is it calling you to do? What is it calling you to be? Grow into your own lushness no matter your age. Feel yourself, your Self, expanding and growing and bursting forth in rhythm with the natural rhythm of the trees exploding their blossoms out from what used to be dry sticks rattling in the wind and rain. Allow yourself, your Self, to exult in this natural time of expansion and growth, of beginnings and blossoming.

What is springing forth in you?

What is spring urging you into growth?