Fall is definitely in the air, and with fall, comes a natural transition from sun to chill, from outdoors to in, from bare feet to socks and shoes, and for many, from vacation to school. It’s a transition we expect, perhaps look forward to, perhaps regret, but it is a known: we pretty much know this seasonal routine. Other transitions are more uncertain, such as a new job, a move, a new baby. And others, marked by sadness – the death of a loved one, an illness, being laid off.

Think for a moment of all the transitions that have occurred in your life – there are more than you think. You transitioned, albeit slowly, from a baby to a child to a teen to a young adult and beyond. You gained and lost friends. You entered and left school, found jobs. You perhaps got married, had children, and supported your children through their own transitions while you continued to transition yourself to accommodate their growth. Perhaps your parent passed away, or your sibling, partner, or close friend.

Think back to what got you through these transitions. Maybe you just powered through. Maybe you found support through friends and family, or a therapist. Maybe you reached out, maybe you withdrew. Maybe you cried, or reflected, or simply didn’t think about it. Maybe you prayed. Maybe you read self-help books. Whatever your pattern, it can be a useful exercise to think about your strategies for getting through transitions, and name them. With naming, comes self-knowledge. With naming, comes strength. With naming, comes intention. And with all of these, comes a transition to a more integrated self. I wish you peace as you transition into fall and all that it brings.