Sit quietly for a moment and tune into your true core self. “What’s that?” you may ask. It’s the name I give for that part of you which is at your center, the part which lies at the root of who you are. Some call it their grounding center, some their center of peace. You may have an inkling of this place, indeed you may tune into it often, or it might be totally foreign to you.

I believe that we all possess, in our deepest core, a vital part of our being that can be of enormous help in our day-to-day lives. This true core self knows what is best for us, if it is but listened to. This true core self is wise and it is gentle. And it is always there for us.

You might ask your true core self what to do in a particular situation. For example, you may dislike your current job and want to leave it, yet feel like you can’t make a change. You might feel stuck in a relationship. Tap into your innermost being and hear what it says. The way I do this is to close my eyes and turn my attention inward to my core body, in my lower abdomen. I relax my shoulders and jaw. I breathe deeply. My self knows. I feel clearer. My self knows what is best for me.

If you try this, you may feel that anxiety or depression is at your center. Your life may be overwhelming right now, or you may be experiencing difficult things. Yet anxiety or sadness is not your center. You are, your true core self.

Paradoxically, these things are your friends. Anxiety has helped keep you alert for danger. Depression has forced you to rest when things have been too much. Love those sides of yourself. Then gently move them from your center so that You can be seen and heard.

Be curious about your true core self. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Go inward. If you feel anxious, be grateful for it, then set it quietly aside for just a few minutes. If you feel sad, ditto. Who or what is there? What is it saying? Your true core self is always there for you. It may take some digging to find it. Meditation can help the discovery. Journaling can. Simple desire can. You will know the fruits by the peace you experience. Try to tune into this peace and hear what it is telling you.

You may find yourself distressed or frightened when seeking this peace. Sometimes our true core selves are sheathed in protective armor which can be difficult to dismantle on our own. Old traumas can resurface along with our adaptive reactions. I urge you to seek professional support if this is the case.

This way of thinking – call it an approach, a metaphor, a reality, a lens – has been helpful to me and many of my clients. Perhaps this writing will make you curious about tuning into your inner self, and propel you to further exploration. Perhaps this exploration will lead you to greater self knowledge and peace, my wish for all.